Wednesday, 9 September 2015

11 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Niagara Falls

Many fantastic tours are offered by Viator!
We had our uncertainties when our buddies at Viator encouraged us to embark on the Niagara Falls Evening Lights Day Trip from Toronto. They provide quite several enticing tours around Niagara Falls, just how could this actually be the one that is greatest?

Well, their advice was spot on and it turned out to be among the greatest tours we have ever taken. Did this tour offer an almighty perspective of the world-renowned falls in the evening and in the day, but it contained dinner and lots of other bonus stops. But remember, this really is only one of their many tours to Niagara Falls. That means you may have a difficult time determining which one is the very best for you. Maybe you need to simply stay at home.

Niagara Falls is too pretty!
It is not false. Niagara Falls is eye- picturesque and I am sure the last thing you need to do is gouge out your eyes that are totally working. Glowing rainbows, mysterious mist, and whooshing waterfalls. And if that is insufficient, on the weekends the falls are lit up with coloured lights that were lovely and crowned with a magnificent fireworks display.

The surrounding area is at least as stunning!

The waterfalls are a huge draw card for certain, but were you aware the surrounding region is equally as picturesque? Part of our tour included a stop at Niagara Whirlpool. It is an all-natural water formation along the Niagara River between Canada and the United States. The whirlpool is situated in the Niagara Gorge, downstream about 6km (3.7 miles) from Niagara Falls and they consider it is about 125 feet deep.

The water is a stunning emerald color that only entices you would like to dive in and go swimming (please do not do that unless you need to drown). Crossing across the chasm is the one of a kind Whirlpool Aero Car. It is been around since 1916 and will take you across the US border from Canada and back with no need for a passport, to Canada!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Four Reasons to take the Whole Family to the Swanky Four Seasons Orlando

To be true, I am not surprised I fell for the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort during a too-rapid, two-night stay on the grand, upscale property in late June. Previous encounters with the Four Seasons brand, especially in Vail and Denver, had me completely prepped for the luxury lodgings and white-glove treatment I knew my family would receive at this 443-room resort hotel that opened only a year ago. Really, the superbly landscaped property, public spaces and stylishly designed rooms, in addition to the unbelievable variety of services and comforts for families didn't disappoint.

Stylish, Decor & Spacious Accommodations

Airy and light, classy and modern, are the words I'd utilize to characterize the reception of the Four Seasons Orlando. The layout aesthetic through the entire resort is "lakeside Spanish Revival architecture reflecting Florida's golden age," as well as the light ocean blues and creamy white colours found in the modern rooms reminded me of "bungalow colours," but the furniture and decor is decidedly upscale -- i.e. not your ordinary lakeside bungalow! Each time we had return to our rooms-nextdoor Park View Suite and Park View Deluxe Suite -we had notice another layout attribute, like dazzling light fixtures or pretty glass vases or a shimmering mosaic wall.

The completely palatial, 1,000-square foot Park View Deluxe Suite had a dining table for four, plus refrigerated pub space and living spaces (with king size sleeper couch) independent from the king bedroom, which was next to a huge bathroom with stunning soaking bath and tv in the bathroom mirror. The Park View Suite that is fashionable had a king bed plus queen size sofa sleeper, along with a marble bathroom, bathtub, and shower. Both rooms have incredible 150-square foot balconies with expansive views of the Disney theme parks that are nearby, including nightly fireworks over Magic Kingdom!